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The Activator Methods® Seminars are back in Spain!

Looking to enhance your skills as an Activator Practitioner? Check out these three courses taught by Dr. Ricardo Fujikawa:

  1. Activator Methods® Basic Course (February 24-25, 2024): In this course, newcomers to the Activator Method® will master the essentials of treating musculoskeletal conditions. You'll explore the history of the Activator Method Technique and the use of Activator Adjusting Instruments. The curriculum includes in-depth training in Leg Length Analysis, guiding you on when, where, and how to perform adjustments. You'll gain expertise in adjusting from the feet to the cervical vertebrae & occiput. Successful course completion qualifies you to take the practical exam for Activator Proficiency Rating.       
  2. Activator Methods® Advanced Tests (April 6-7, 2024): Ideal for those looking to treat unique cases, this course covers advanced testing and treatments for the upper and lower extremities, and additional spine procedures. You'll learn advanced tests and adjustments that aren't covered in the Basic Scan Protocol and become eligible for the Activator Advanced Proficiency Rating.
  3. Activator Methods® Clinical Topics (June 1st, 2024): Clinical Topics are one-day courses designed for individuals seeking specialized expertise. These courses focus on testing and treatments for conditions such as TMD (temporomandibular disorders), special populations (including infants), Myofascial Trigger Points, and other relevant topics. By completing these courses, you'll gain proficiency in nearly all aspects of the Activator Method, enabling you to effectively address a broad range of NMS conditions.
  • All courses come with approved Continuing Education (CE) Hours.
  • The reference text for all courses: Activator Methods 2nd Edition.
  • Instruments and accessories will be available for sale at discounted prices during each course. 

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Activator Methods® Instructor: Ricardo Fujikawa MD, DC

Is the only official Activator Methods® instructor in the European Union and he has a large experience in teaching the technique worldwide. He was the instructor of this technique at the Feevale University and Anhembi-Morumbi University in Brazil. His experience in teaching the Activator Methods includes Greece, the Netherlands and he has also taught the technique as an elective course at the Bahçeşehir University in Turkey and at
the State University of the Ecatepec Valley in Mexico.

Activator Methods® Basic Course

February 24-25 – Madrid

Activator Methods® Advanced Tests

April 6-7 – Madrid

Activator Methods® Clinical Topics

June 1st – Madrid

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